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Yokohama Museum of Art Collection July 14- December 16, 2018


KOBAYASHI Kiyochika  "Shin-Ohashi Bridge in the Rain in Tokyo" 1876    Donated by Mr. KATO Eiichi

■A Century On: Responses to Monet’s Painting
■An Invitation to Fantasy: Reflections of Tetsuro Komai’s Artistic Views

1.Japan Opens to the World: Monet’s Japanese Contemporaries
2.The Touch and Stroke of the Brush
3.Quoting and Transforming Images
4.An Invitation to Fantasy: Reflections of Tetsuro Komai’s Artistic Views
5.Special Exhibit:
 [Photography Gallery]French Photography in the Age of Monet –Landscapes of the City  
   [Foyer, Grand Gallery ]Isamu Noguchi and Sculptures in the 20th Century

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In this edition of the collection exhibition, we present two displays, "A Century On: Responses to Monet’s Painting" and "An Invitation to Fantasy: Reflections of Tetsuro Komai’s Artistic Views," in conjunction with the exhibitions, "Monet’s Legacy" and "Tetsuro Komai: A Pioneer of Modern Japanese Copperplate Prints."

During the period that Claude Monet (1840-1926) was active, the English artist Charles Wirgman moved to Japan and began depicting local landscapes and customs from a foreign perspective. He also taught Japanese artists such as Yuichi Takahashi and Yoshimatsu Goseda about Western views and painting techniques, leading to the rise of artists who faithfully depicted their subjects. Meanwhile, Kiyochika Kobayashi broke new ground in ukiyo-e prints by incorporating European perspective and shading techniques in works that deal with the Westernization of Japanese cities. Kozan Miyagawa’s "makuzu-yaki" ceramics, which emerged in Yokohama not long after the opening of the city’s port, were highly acclaimed when they were shown in a variety of international expositions all over the world. In this section, we introduce examples of the new Japanese art that resulted from exchanges between the East and West during this vigorous era of Westernization.


"Liang-shan-po" 1967
(Section 2)

We also examine the innovative forms of brushwork developed by Monet and the Impressionist painters. Due to their efforts, the touch and stroke of the brush became important means of expression in painting. Please enjoy the rich texture, and in some cases, other elements that imbue the picture plane with strength in this selection of abstract and other types of painting dated primarily from after World War II.

Finally, in light of the fact that "Monet’s Legacy" focuses on the painter’s lasting influence, we present works in which the artists reinterpreted a classical painting, existing piece or well-known image, and incorporated it into their art, transforming the original source to create a new expression. These ambitious efforts set out to upend conventional viewpoints.   


"Playing with God I: Early Afternoon", 1991
(Section 3)


"Wind God and Thunder God"
donated by the artist
(Section 3)


The second display is related to Tetsuro Komai, a copperplate print artist who developed a profoundly spiritual and fantastic artistic realm. Komai’s art also deals with the theme of “an invitation to fantasy.” With this in mind, we present a group of highly fantastic works, primarily contemporary ”Nihon-ga” (Japanese-style paintings), by artists such as Komei Kondo, who made use of a dreamy flower motif.


"Night of Tranquility", 1966 donated by the artist
(Section 4)


"Ornamented Casket 'Flower of Muromachi'", 1988
donated by the artist
(Section 4)


"Drifting Clouds A" ,1971,
donated by the artist
(Section 4)


"Drifting Clouds B", 1971 donated by the artist
(Section 4)


Eugène ATGET
"Hotel Marquis of Ecquevilly, 60 Rue de Turenne, 3e" ,1901  (Section 5)

In the Photography Gallery, we feature French photography from Monet’s era including works by Eugène Atget and Robert Demachy, who captured French landscapes, city scenes, and customs from the period.     


DatesJuly 14 (Sat.)-December 16 (Sun.), 2018
Temporary ClosedGallery Closed on September 25 (Tue.)-October 12 (Fri.), 2018
Open Hours10:00-18:00
*Open until 20:30 on August 10(Fri.), 17(Fri.), 24(Fri.), 31(Fri.), September 14(Fri.), 15(Sat.), 21(Fri.), 22(Sat.) and November 23, 2018
*Admission until 30 minutes before closing.
ClosedThursdays (Except August 16), 2018
Organized byYokohama Museum of Art [Yokohama Arts Foundation]


University students
High school students
Junior high school students100(80) 
Children under 12 Free

*( )= Group of 20 or more (pre-booking required)
Free Admission on November 3(Sat.)
*Free Admission for high school and younger student with valid ID on every Saturday.
*Visitors with disability and one person accompanying them are admitted free of charge. (Please present a certificate at the entrance.)
*Collection gallery is available with a ticket of Special Exhibition.

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