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Our Vision

The question we have been addressing is that of how to build on our thirty years of accumulated activities to create a new museum.
We began to consider the question during the three-year renovation closure beginning in 2021.
The thinking that emerged through this process is conveyed in our “Museum Message.”

Museum Message


We believe a museum
is like a port,
where everyone is welcome.

Coming and going,
diverse cultures and
perspectives converge.

The present, the past,
and the future intersect.

Obstacles and boundaries
are overcome.

As the museum
of a diverse port town
open to the world,
we also believe,
that each of our visitors
is like a port.

With free encounters,
abundant discoveries,
and time spent being yourself.

Seeing, creating, learning,
charting your course
into the future
with a wide open outlook.

Even as times change,
Yokohama Museum of Art
is always there,
a place to open
the port of your heart.

Our Vision
  1. To be a place where everyone is respected and can be themselves
  2. To be a place of encounters with new people, new things and new ideas
  3. To be a place where everyone can experience the joy of life
  4. To spread that joy from the museum to the city
  5. To be a place where the individual, the city and the world can converge

Welcome to the renewed Yokohama Museum of Art

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