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Exhibition Schedule 2024 ― 2025

Yokohama Museum of Art Reopening Inaugural Season

Welcome back, Yokohama

February 8 – June 2, 2025

This exhibition will shine a light on the true diversity of Yokohama. From the people who lived here before its famous port opened in 1859 to its current citizens, hailing from some 170 nations, and the many unique products that have been developed here. The show will make full use of the museum’s collection and also feature newly commissioned works.
The exhibition title is an acknowledgement that the Yokohama Museum of Art is back after three years of renovations and a message of acceptance to everyone who has been or is now connected with Yokohama, regardless of the era in which they lived or the region in which they were born.

油彩、カンヴァス 130.0 × 89.0 cm
René MAGRITTE, “The Museum of the King,” 1966
oil on canvas, 130.0 x 89.0 cm
Collection of Yokohama Museum of Art

Yokohama Museum of Art Reopening Inaugural Season

SATO Masahiko Exhibition (tentative title)

June 28 – November 3 , 2025

Sato Masahiko has been a trailblazer in Japan’s media landscape since the 1990s. Well known for producing educational programs like “Pythagoras Switch,” “Three Dango Brothers,” and “0655/2355”; commercials such as “Bazar de Gozarre” (NEC), “The Malt’s” (Suntory), and “Sucorn” (Koikeya); and interactive art looking at notions of physical representation, like “Arithmetik Garden” and “Pool of fingerprints,” the creator and educator has produced innovative and accessible content across diverse media.
This, the first retrospective of Sato’s work, provides an overview of his creative activities across four decades, exploring the creative thinking, techniques, and sensibility that underlie his work.

SATO Masahiko
Photo: Takuji Okada
SATO Masahiko + KIRIYAMA Takashi “Arithmetik Garden”
Installation view of the exhibition “Transform yourself” at ICC, 2008

Yokohama Museum of Art Reopening Inaugural Season

Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art (tentative title)

December 6 , 2025 – March 22 , 2026

Closely related both geographically and culturally, Japan and Korea have a long history of interaction. But what forms has the relationship taken in the field of art since 1945? An examination of the many intersections and separations, similarities and differences, that have emerged over time brings into focus new and unexpected impressions of the other and of the self. Organized with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, and timed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two nations in 1965, this exhibition unpacks the history of the relationship between Japanese and Korean contemporary art.

MMCA Gwacheon ©Park Jung Hoon
MMCA Gwacheon ©Park Jung Hoon

Welcome to the renewed Yokohama Museum of Art

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