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Schedule after the reopening of the Yokohama Museum of Art

February 15, 2024

March 15, 2024;

  • Reopening of the Yokohama Museum of Art
  • Opening of the 8th Yokohama Triennale

June 9, 2024;

  • Closing of the 8th Yokohama Triennale
  • After that, approximately 13,000 artworks from the Yokohama Museum of Art Collection will be returned from the external warehouse to the museum

November 2024;

  • 35th anniversary of the museum
  • Partial opening of Jiyu Area
  • Reopening of the following facilities:
    Gallery 8, Gallery 9, Citizens’ Workshop, Children’s Workshop, Art Library, Lecture Hall, Museum Cafe and Shop
  • Various events will be held in the reopened facilities from then on

January 2025;

  • All signs and furniture installation to be completed

February 2025;

  • Opening of the entire museum

February – June 2025;

  • Special Exhibition and Collection Exhibition to be held

Welcome to the renewed Yokohama Museum of Art

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