Steve Tirona, Imelda Collection #3

Steve Tirona,
Imelda Collection #3,
2006, Chromogenic Print

About Exhibition

"Welcome to the Jungle" introduces the contemporary art of Southeast Asia since 1999 showcasing 28 works (sculpture, painting, video, photography, and others) by 25 artists from 8 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. The exhibition includes the artworks that have never been shown in Japan beside Roberto Feleo’s hybrid altarpiece inspired by a historical incident in which pagan gods and Christian saints are juxtaposed together; Chang Yoong Chia’s pictorial mother-son story depicted on ceramic spoons; and Zai Kuning’s video that focuses on the sea nomads whose traditional lifestyle is rarely seen today.

It is said that the word ‘jungle’ is derived from the Sanskrit ‘jāngala’ meaning ‘wild, uncultivated ground.’ While the jungle is rapidly replaced by the cities, Southeast Asian contemporary art is brimming with heat like a jungle more than ever. We hope you enjoy this exhibition surfing the heat wave from Southeast Asia where diverse peoples, cultures and values coexist.

The exhibition is organized and presented by Yokohama Museum of Art and Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, in partnership with Singapore Art Museum.