Visitor Tips and Policies

When Visiting the Museum

The following explains the rules that must be followed in order for all visitors to enjoy the appreciation of art while protecting the precious art works. We ask for your kind cooperation.  

Items that cannot be brought into the museum or galleries

In order to protect the art works and maintain an environment where visitors can appreciate art comfortably, the following items and animals cannot be brought into the galleries.

  • Bulky baggage or backpacks
    * Please leave them in the coin return lockers (100 yen) or at Information.
  • Large or wet umbrellas
    * Please leave them at the umbrella stand.
  • Animals other than assistance dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs)
  • Fresh flowers

General policy in the galleries

  • Please refrain from actions that may disturb the viewing quality of other visitors within the Museum compound. We hope to provide quality time for everyone, whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation.
  • Please refrain from touching any exhibits or showcases, the art on display is priceless and in many cases extremely fragile.
  • Please appreciate the art works from behind the barriers.
  • Pleases use only pencils in the galleries.
    * Please do not use ballpoint-pens, ink-pens, or brushes that may mark and damage the exhibit.
      Pencils are available free of charge. Please ask our staff.
  • Please refrain from using erasers or copying art works using paints or crayons.
  • Please refrain from pointing at art works with any object such as tickets, catalogues or pencils.
  • Please do not lean or put your hands on walls.
  • Please refrain from talking on smart phones or other mobile phones. Please also refrain from sending or receiving email. Or, please switch the mobile off or set to vibration mode
  • Pleases refrain from taking photographs in the exhibition galleries.
  • Visitors are permitted to take photographs in the collection galleries and the Grand Gallery but only for personal use.
  • When taking photographs
    1. Please refrain from using flash photography or tripods.
    2. Taking photographs of individual art works is prohibited for copyright reasons.
    3. Please refrain from taking photographs of other visitors or staff as it may violate their portrait rights.
    4. We may have to restrict photography using mobile phones as the shutter tone could disturb other
    5. Please refrain from taking videos in the galleries.

Eating, drinking, and smoking

  • Please refrain from eating or drinking in the museum.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum or eating candy while going around the galleries.
  • You can drink around the vending machine next to the Lecture Hall entrance on the 2nd floor. For details, please ask our staff at Information.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum.

Visitors with children

  • Please hold the hands of small children.
  • Please be careful that small children do not bump into art works or other visitors, causing injury or damage.

In the event of an emergency

  • In times of emergency such as earthquake or fire, please follow the instructions of our staff.
  • When an earthquake strikes, please move away from large paintings and sculptures, display cases, lighting fixtures and other objects that may fall down.