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The entrance to Museum Shop is situated in the portico which faces the Art Plaza, on the left side when facing the museum’s façade. A thousand items are always available for purchase in the shop, including original goods featuring artworks from the museum collection, exhibition-related goods, exhibition catalogues, books for enjoying art, daily goods such as postcards and other stationery products as well as children’s books. The shop is open to everyone. Please pop in and choose items to remember your visit, and souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends. 

Opening hours11:00-18:00
ClosedThursday, Year-end and New Year holidays.
Please kindly check our Calender for irregular closing days.

Ishiuchi Miyako GRAIN AND IMAGE Exhibition Catalogue 


Ishiuchi Miyako GRAIN AND IMAGE

TitleIshiuchi Miyako GRAIN AND IMAGE
Size257×182×22mm  250 pages
Price2,916 JPY

Original goods featuring artworks from the museum collection


Memo Pad


Picture Book


Miniature Figure

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