Yokohama Museum of Art is closed for renovation from March 1, 2021.
The Museum is scheduled to reopen in fiscal 2023. 

The museum conducts unique education programs, combining creative programs that have been held since the museum was established and art appreciation programs. In addition to working with the local community and schools, the museum endeavors for its activities to be accessible to children, people with disabilities, non-Japanese people and the elderly. 
Our Children's Workshop offers creative programs for children aged 5 to 12. Planned along the concept of "Look, feel and try yourself," we run a School-Oriented Program, a Free Zone for Children and Parents and Individual Creative Classes.
The Citizens' Workshop provides a venue for citizens over the age of 12 to learn about how to make art and the creative process through firsthand experience. A variety of classes are held in the dedicated rooms for painting, sculpture and printmaking.
Our new Education Project was launched in 2012. The project helps visitors to appreciate and experience art at a deeper level by organizing gallery talks, appreciation workshops and other activities that are appropriate for each themed exhibition and the museum collection. The project also aims to create a museum which is relevant to citizens, by providing opportunities for volunteers to participate in the various activities of the museum.