Citizens’ Workshop


Yokohama Museum of Art is closed for renovation from March 1, 2021.
The Museum is scheduled to reopen in fiscal 2023. 

We plan and hold various workshops (firsthand experience classes) for citizens aged 12 years old and over (except for some classes which accept younger children) at the Citizens’ Workshop throughout the year.
Classes are held in the Painting Room, the Sculpture Room and the Printmaking Room. The Painting Room is used to create two-dimensional art works such as sketches, oil paintings and Nihonga. The Sculpture Room has equipment for creating three-dimensional art works including pottery, carvings and sculptures. In the Printmaking Room, the participants can create fully-fledged prints in various forms, including copperplate prints, lithographs, silk screen prints and woodblock prints. Our specialized staff support the participants as they work on their pieces in each room. We aim to make the Citizens’ Workshop a place where people can become familiar with art through experiencing the creation of art pieces, interacting with artists and watching artistic techniques and processes. 

*We look forward to receiving applications from first time participants and those living outside Yokohama,
  as well as repeaters and Yokohama citizens.



At the workshops, the participants can experience a variety of artistic techniques and processes. Various courses are available, ranging from those that offer just a taste to full-fledged experiences of creative work.

Open Studio Courses

Time is set aside for participants to engage in their own work individually, with courses in sculpture, painting, printmaking, and others.

Other Programs

We hold the workshop as a part of exhibition-related events.