Children’s Workshop


Yokohama Museum of Art is closed for renovation from March 1, 2021.
The Museum is scheduled to reopen in fiscal 2023. 

The Children’s Workshop offers a space to be creative for children aged up to 12. Based on the idea that creative art starts from “looking, feeling and trying for yourself,” we give children the opportunity to have various creative art experiences through play with the hope that the experience will develop independent thinking and encourage healthy mental and physical growth. Throughout the year, we hold school programs in cooperation with educational institutions in Yokohama City on weekdays and programs on plastic art and the appreciation of art for parents and children as well as individuals on weekends and holidays. The programs are run with the cooperation with teachers, volunteers and companies, in the hope that the workshop will become a center for children and art which closely interacts with education and society.  


Individual Creative and Appreciation Classes

A series of plastic art classes open to individuals. Various programs are held throughout the year in three categories: those designed for “preschool-aged children,” “elementary school 1st-3rd graders” and “elementary school 4th-6th graders.” We introduce a variety of art materials and methods to the children and they are guided to express themselves in creative art while enjoying themselves.
(Booking is essential. Admission fees apply.)

Workshop for Teachers

A workshop themed “The Growth of Preschool Children and creative Art” is held once a year, for teachers involved in nursing and primary education. Booking is essential.