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Facade of Yokohama Mudeum of Art

Photo: KASAGI Yasuyuki

Yokohama Museum of Art opened to the public on November 3, 1989. It is one of the largest art institutions in Japan. With its iconic architecture, featuring the expansive space of the Grand Gallery, the museum is made up of a total of seven gallery spaces, as well as an Art Information and Media Center that holds over 110,000 art-related books, ateliers hosting a wide range of workshops for children and adults, and many other facilities.
Located in the international seaport city of Yokohama, the museum focuses on collecting and showing modern and contemporary art created since the late 19th century, when the port of Yokohama opened, alongside many special exhibitions. We hope you enjoy your visit to the museum, surrounded by the history and the new spirit of Yokohama. 


1987  October - Yokohama Art Foundation is established to operate the museum.
1988March - Construction is completed.
September - The Yokohama Museum of Art Ordinance is enacted.
1989 February - External construction is completed.
March 25 - The Yokohama Museum of Art is opened (as one of the pavilions at  
                YOKOHAMA EXOTIC SHOWCASE '89).
November 3 - The Yokohama Museum of Art Ordinance is carried into effect and
                 the facilities are opened to the public.
2002April - Yokohama Art Foundation merges with the Yokohama Culture Foundation
           and is renamed Yokohama Arts Foundation.
2006April - After the launch of the designated administrator system, the Yokohama
          Arts Foundation is appointed administrator of the Yokohama Museum of Art.
2008April - Yokohama Arts Foundation-Sotetsu Agency-Mitsubishi Estate Building
          Management JV becomes designated administrator of the museum.
2009July - Yokohama Arts Foundation is chartered as a public interest incorporated
2013April - Yokohama Arts Foundation becomes the designated administrator of the      

Building Overview

Site area19,803㎡
Building area9,621㎡
Total floor space26,829㎡
ConstructionSteel girder and frame reinforced concrete, 8 stories, with a section of 3 story structure.
DirectionCity of Yokohama Housing and Architecture Bureau, TANGE ASSOCIATES

Yokohama Arts Foundation is administrator of the Yokohama Museum of Art from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2023.

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