Season's Greeting

Fiscal 2018 begins in the spring with an exhibition titled "Nude: Art from the Tate Collection.” In addition to the Japan premiere of Auguste Rodin’s marble sculpture, "The Kiss,” the exhibition assembles a host of paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs dating from the late 19th to the 21st century. Viewers are invited to trace the changing way in which the naked human form has been expressed and viewed in art over the years.

The summer sees the start of three successive exhibitions dealing with the themes of artistic exchange and influence that transcends the ages. The first examines how Monet’s heirs incorporated his innovative techniques into their work; the second focuses on the print artist Komai Tetsuro and how his work developed through his relationships with a wide array of musicians, poets, and other artists; and the third looks at the influence of Japanese art and Eastern thought that emerged from the friendship between Isamu Noguchi and Hasegawa Saburo. I hope that you will enjoy the creative interactions that lie at the heart of these artistic pursuits.

This year a number of the works from our collection will be hitting the road. In June, some will be presented in "Collection from the Yokohama Museum of Art THE MUSEUM OF THE KING French Modern Art & Surrealism” at in the Museum of Art, Kochi, and in July, "Collection from the Yokohama Museum of Art Showa Portraits: Tracing the People and History of the Showa Era through Photography”, drawn from the museum’s collection of photographs, will be shown at Arts Maebashi in Gunma Prefecture. If you find yourself in one of these areas, by all means stop in and enjoy our collection in a different gallery space.

We are also planning a variety of meaningful activities for this year’s Children’s Workshop, Citizens’ Workshop, and the Education Project. Through a series of talks, workshops, and other outreach programs, we hope to help a wide range of participants, from children to senior citizens, enjoy creating and viewing art.

This year marks the ninth anniversary of the YMA Collection Friends, a group made up of members of the public that supports the preservation, conservation, and exhibition of the museum collection. While developing a stronger relationship with our supporters, all of us here at the museum are committed to increasing awareness of our activities and developing a greater understanding and sympathy for art as a whole. I look forward to seeing you at the Yokohama Museum of Art this year.  

Director, Yokohama Museum of Art
April 2018

OSAKA Eriko, Director