Season's Greeting

Happy New Year! 

Let me begin by reiterating my appreciation for the extensive support and positive response we received for last year’s "Yokohama Triennale 2017, 'Islands, Constellations and Galapagos.' "

This year at the Yokohama Museum of Art visitors can enjoy a consummate presentation of photography (timed to coincide with PHOTO YOKOHAMA and CP+) until early March. In addition, to "Ishiuchi Miyako: Grain and Image," don’t miss "Yokohama Museum of Art Collection, Surrealism – Paintings, Sculptures and Photographs," and Ishiuchi Miyako’s important early series "Yokosuka Story," both of which feature works from the museum’s vaunted collection,

Along with our regular work, the museum is involved with a variety of creative programs such as the Children’s Workshop and Citizens’ Workshop, and outreach programs at hospitals and elderly care facilities. And with the help of teachers, and junior high, high school, and citizen volunteers, we are working to promote art appreciation. The Art Information and Media Center, boasting some 110,000 books and materials, provides another important learning opportunity at the museum. In 2018, all of us at the Yokohama Museum of Art will once again be making a concerted effort to convey the supple and rich charms of art to each and every one of you.

In closing, I would like to mention two other programs at the museum.

The first, "Green Light – An Artistic Workshop", was initiated by Olafur Eliasson as part of the Yokohama Triennale 2017. During the Triennale, many participants and supporters contributed to the project, which was presented in one of the museum’s galleries. A limited number of 65 green lights are currently on sale through the end of February. Proceeds will be donated to a Japan-based refugee support group. For more information, please visit the Triennale website.

We also invite you to join the Collection Friends 2018, which supports the preservation, conservation, and exhibition of the museum collection. We are dedicated to establishing an even stronger framework to help you develop closer ties between your daily life and art.

I thank you in advance for your continued help and support in the year ahead.

Eriko Osaka
Yokohama Museum of Art
January 2018

OSAKA Eriko, Director