Season's Greeting

2017 is the Year of the Rooster, and I hope that just as a bird flies swiftly across the sky, it will be a year of great progress for all of you .

At the Yokohama Museum of Art, the year begins with a photography exhibition. As suggested by its title,  ”The Photographic works of Kishin Shinoyama 'Picture power'" demonstrates how the noted photographer Kishin Shinoyama uses his unique focus to capture the essence of each era through the images of both icons and ordinary people.

The collection exhibition, running concurrently, is also made up solely of photographs. This marks the first time that the Yokohama Museum of Art, which has championed photography as one of the pillars of its collection since it opened in 1989, has dedicated the entire facility to photographic works. 

In the spring, in conjunction with the Kyoto Costume Institute, we will present "The Elegant Other: Cross-cultural Encounters in Fashion and Art." While the wave of modernization that followed the opening of Yokohama Port in the late 19th century led Japanese people to adopt Western clothing, foreign fashion and art were also permeated by Japanese aesthetics. In the first foray into fashion at the museum, we try to shed light on the mutual exchanges between East and West.

The summer and fall herald the advent of the Yokohama Triennale. The title of this, the sixth, edition of the triennale, is "Islands, Constellations and Galapagos." A scattering of things, separated like islands in the sea, is imbued with a constellation-like imagination, leading to a diversity exemplified by the Galapagos, and forming a link with the future. The theme of this edition will be “isolation” and “connectedness”

In the winter, we present "Ishiuchi Miyako: Grain and Image,"  a comprehensive solo exhibition spanning Ishiuchi’s career from her earliest works to 'Frida by Ishiuchi,' and 'ひろしま/hiroshima'  as well as some never before shown photographs.

Along with our regular projects, the teams involved with the Children’s Workshop, Citizens’ Workshop, and Education Project will be organizing a variety of programs, such as collaborations with schools, and volunteer and outreach activities, again this year. And thanks to improved signage leading the way from the restaurant and gallery area, the Art Information and Media Center, boasting some 110,000 books and reference materials, has become easier than ever to use.

Through a wide range of programs arising out of the museum’s three-pronged policy of “looking, creating, and learning,” we are looking forward to once again bringing you the essential charms of art in 2017.

January 2017
Director, Yokohama Museum of Art

OSAKA Eriko, Director

Photo : MATSUKAGE hiroyuki